Effective January 1, 2008 we are no longer installing bathtub overlay products.

We have decided that the bathtub overlay system is a product line that we do not want to continue representing. Colvin Kitchen & Bath is dedicated to providing high quality installations with high quality products that we feel are going to maintain or increase the value of your home. If we have installed a liner system for you be assured that we will honor our warranty on your installation.

Tub & Shower liners are an semi-economical surface solution to rebuilding a tub or shower. The success of this system is heavily dependant on the quality and care of the installer because it is critical to effectively seal the new liner panels during and after installation to prevent water and moisture seeping in between the existing tub and new liner. Not only have we seen issues on a couple of our projects but have been called about installation problems that were done by other local companies offering this product. What we have seen happen is water getting between the tub layers creating a "floater". In addition we have also seen cracking around the bathtub drain.

Liners do not correct faucet & fixture plumbing problems but only apply a new skin to extend the life of the surfaces of the tub or shower.

We view liners as a quick-fix short term solution right in the same category as reglazing or resurfacing a bathtub. If cost was the same and you had to chose between patching a tire on your car vs. replacing that tire with a new tire which would you pick?

Local companies are charging between $5,000.00 and $7,000.00 to install overlay systems. We have brand new tub/shower units, which include entirely new drain assemblies and faucetry, starting at $3,800.00.

We found that many homeowners don't realize that for about the same amount of dollars we can install an entirely new tub/shower assembly. It's a fact that we can remove your existing bathtub without destroying other walls in the bathroom.

So rather than putting a band-aid over the problem by using an overlay let us do the job with brand new products that we know are going to last.

Give us a call to schedule a free estimate. Financing options are available.

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